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By   Nikolas, Oct 10, 2012


 Very friendly staff

I was a little nervous about how this experience was going to be because I have dealt with some not so friendly people in the past, but I have to say that  I was pleasantly suprised!!! The staff was very friendly and great to deal   with. They explained everything to me before we started and as we moved   forward as well. I got a step by step as my treatment was happening. I am   very pleased with the service I am getting with Schmidt. I couldn't be

By   Marlene K., Aug 27, 2012


 Entering the World of Orthodontia   care

Unfortunately, visiting an orthodontist can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the staff at Schmidt Orthodontics makes it easy. They will sit, discuss, and explain options with you from services to payments! Even my very quiet daughter is at ease during her appointments.

By  Anonymous, Aug 23, 2012



I love the new incentive program. My teeth are moving faster than at my last   orthodontist.

By   Hayden, Aug 15, 2012


 Efficient and professional

Dr. Schmidt and his team are very professional. The kid-friendly features encourage my kids to follow their recommended treatment plans without my prodding.

By Jack, Aug 15, 2012


Before SureSmile changed and straightened my teeth, they were terrible.  Dr. Schmidt said that I would have them on for 2 years without SureSmile and about a year with SureSmile...It was a no-brainer! Less time with braces and it does the same thing, and I was so in for that.  I had my braces on for about 13-14 months, not bad.  I absolutely love how my teeth look now and I'm continuing to wear my retainer to keep them straight!!!. Thanks SureSmile and to Dr. Schmidt and staff!

 - Nicole P.

I am really grateful for Dr. Schmidt and his staff.  I would've had to have my braces for more than two years without SureSmile.  With SureSmile, I only had them for 18 months!  Thanks Schmidt Orthodontics!

 - Alexia U.

I loved SureSmile becuase it was way faster than regular braces.  Dr. Schmidt and his staff are really friendly.  Before I had SureSmile, I couldn't bite on the right side of my mouth and now I can!  Thank you so much Dr. Schmidt and staff for my smile!!

 -Gabriella U.

Thank you for fixing my smile in just 10 months!! They were the shortest 10 months of my life! Thank to you I have a perfect smile that will last me a lifetime.  I cannot say how many times I am grateful for you and your staff.  When I come in for check-ups, I am always greeted with a smile whether it is a yucky winter day or a sunny summer day!  Also, when I come in and talk to you guys I feel like I am accepted as a normal teenager, not as some little girl with a bad overbite.  I will miss seeing you on a regular basis and I love you guys a lot!

 -Elise D.

Our daughter Zoe had her braces on for 13 months. We were amazed! SureSmile is very fast and effective and Zoe now has more confidence with her beautiful smile! We love the results...

 -Ryan and Michelle T.

The SureSmile program is very much worth it and you will be amazed at the results you get!  When I wake up in the morning, I go into my bathroom and see myu smile beaming at me in the mirror.  I still think of the process and how easy, fast, and simple it was.  I am still shocked by my sefults.  The SureSmile program is one of the best things that you will ever encounter.  Take advantage of it.  Trust me, you'll love it!

- Andy E.


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