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Dr. Schmidt

Come meet Dr. Schmidt!

As an Orthodontist, I am truly blessed. I have met many outstanding individuals who have added to my personal life experience, professionally and personally. Some were patients or parents, some were mentors, some were colleagues, some were employees, but all were friends. I do not know of anyone in any other job who has more fun and satisfaction than I do.


I have received the following certificates on my path to Orthodontics:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree University of Minnesota 1963-1966
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree University of Minnesota 1966-1970
  • United States Navy Dental Rotating General Internship and Marine Corps 2nd Marine Division Dental Command 1970-1972
  • Orthodontic Graduate School Degree University of Minnesota 1972-1974

Continuing Education and Teaching

I have both taken and given many continuing education classes on Orthodontics over my 36-year career. I have sifted through the fads and taken into my practice the best treatments that are based on indisputable biologic principles.

After treating literally thousands of patients, I have seen about everything. Teaching keeps me abreast of the latest technology, while my experience gives me the eye to keep what is good and discard the rest. I am currently on the Orametrix faculty and have lectured at the Marquette Graduate School of Orthodontics. I have also given classes for Sure Smile in Texas, Australia, across the country on the web, and throughout the local region.


In my professional life, I have been honored with the following distinctions:

  • Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics since 1990
  • Board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics since 1990
  • Mastery level competency and teacher for Sure Smile Orthodontic treatment
  • Lingual and Functional proficiency status
  • Rotary Paul Harris Service Award
  • Wisconsin Society of Orthodontists past President Award in 2004

Our Practice

We are recognized locally and regionally for orthodontic excellence, fairness, fun, and dedication to the patient's total experience in our office. Often, dental supply persons who view many offices are amazed at our commitment to being a progressive and technologically advanced practice.

I enjoy it the most when I see the transformation of a shy, self-conscious, or introverted patient blossom into who they really are by our treatment. I do what I do in order to see my patients discover and develop their self esteem. I strive to continuously make a positive difference in peoples' lives.

In the Community

My wife, Nancy, and I have lived in the area since 1974. I truly love living here and have enjoyed raising our two children in this area. Nancy and I have four grandchildren who we love spending time with. I also enjoy hunting, fishing, biking, skiing, politics, and theater. I have been a church president and member as well as a Rotarian for the past 36 years. In the past I have dedicated 12 years to a School Board, and currently we are avid YMCA sponsors and donors.

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